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best work from home jobs you can start with your laptop

21 Work From Home Jobs That Could Soon Replace Your Day Job

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I get a commission when you make a purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. Please refer to my full disclaimer for more info.

With all the shifts in modern society and family structure, there’s an increasing demand for flexible work from home jobs. More and more young moms want to raise their kids while still bring in some income. Moreover, many people are tired of their day jobs and look for alternative ways to bring in money.

Now that you’re reading this article, chances are that you, too, are looking for job alternatives. That is why the following list will present you with 21 of the best work from home opportunities that could soon replace your income.

What Kinds Of Work From Home Jobs Are There?

The business world is adapting quickly to this shift in thinking about jobs. As a result, there are hundreds of home-based job opportunities out there that you can dive into. Some of them are on a remote employee basis, where you have a regular employer. Some others are structured in a project-based freelance way. And if you like to take more responsibility for your outcome (and income!), there are some creative opportunities that new technology presents.

Most of the time, the lines between these variations are blurry, and you could approach various jobs in different ways. But for now, let’s start with finding out what the best work from home jobs are, and how you can find them.

1. Freelance writing

Content marketing is one of the main forms of online marketing these days. Thus, a lot of companies and website owners are looking for freelance writers to produce content for them. This means writing blog posts, articles, and other website content on topics related to the company.

The usual way of getting jobs in this field is by finding clients the freelance way. That means you would make use of freelance job platforms like Guru.com, Freelancer.com and countless others. Potential clients go there and put up jobs they need to be done, and you can then apply to take on these tasks.

While this sounds like a very unreliable way of making money, keep in mind that happy clients usually come back with more work. That means you can deliberately aim at building a recurring customer base. Once you’ve successfully done that (it’s an ongoing process, not a strict finish line!), you have built yourself a pretty reliable home business.

There are people out there who have managed to make a six-figure income as freelance writers. So if you like to write, this work from home job might be well worth investigating!

2. Virtual assistant jobs

This is one of the most common forms of modern home-based jobs. Countless companies hire VAs (= virtual assistants) to do administrative tasks like writing emails, maintaining calendars, and a lot more. There are just as many different tasks as there are different needs a business owner might have.

Imagine a secretary’s job but from the comfort of your own home. And if you don’t have any prior experience in this field, that’s usually not so much of an issue. You can learn the necessary skills pretty quickly, and the job-specific requirements need to be learned anyways, just like with any other job.

You could pursue your virtual assistant career on a freelance level, finding your own customers, or you could work with platforms (or companies) that hire you. To get you started, here are a few platforms you can check out:

Make sure to conduct your own search for individual opportunities for virtual assistant jobs. Or refer to this guide on how to get your first client as a freelancer.

3. Proofreading work from home jobs

These are work from home jobs where you are checking written and printed articles for errors and correcting them. That means that if you enjoy grammar and are great at punctuation and spelling, this might be a perfect fit for you.

Furthermore, freelance proofreaders can make quite a decent amount of money. Caitlin Pyle is a good example, as she’s built a career as a freelance proofreader while working full-time. In 2014, she managed to bring in $43,000 dollars proof-reading all kinds of content, while being involved in her day job every day as well.

4. Data entry jobs

If you’re an organized person and have some solid skills in common office software (such as Excel, Word, Emails, Google services, etc.), data entry jobs might be a good choice. You basically free your clients from time-consuming work so they can spend their time on more specialized tasks where their individual skill is needed.

You can find countless work from home jobs in this field online. There’s an ever-increasing demand for data entry workers, so this field is not the hardest one to start, especially if you’re a beginner at freelance work. Platforms to find data entry jobs include:

5. Social Media management

Social Media is everywhere. It has infiltrated modern life in a way that it’s impossible to ignore its potential. As a result, there is an almost infinite need for Social Media management. Companies simply cannot keep up with the high degree of innovation. For you, on the other hand, this opens up some interesting opportunities.

social media management as a work from home opportunity

Social Media management involves everything from maintaining your clients’ Social Media sites to curating and posting regular content, up to creating ad campaigns. The exact requirements differ from job to job, depending on what your client needs you to do.

However, independent Social Media managers can make quite a bit of money. If you do it right, you can build a solid customer base, secure ongoing jobs and get paid in the higher five-figure, or even six-figure range. The most effective way to find clients in this field is building a freelance career around it, get your first job, and then build step-by-step on what’s evolving out of that.

6. Work from home as a virtual travel agent

The internet has brought us platforms to build our complete travel experience on our own. We find hotels, flights, Airbnb apartments, rental cars and all kinds of services that allow us to skip old-fashioned travel agencies completely. Still, there are a lot of people who don’t want to spend time researching all the parts needed or who are simply not savvy using the available platforms.

This is where you can help out. Find great deals for your customers, create itineraries, recommend must-see destinations and give insider advice. You can make up to $50 per hour (according to indeed listings), or even more if you build it as a freelance business on your own terms. However, if you want to get started the usual way, you can find work from home jobs as a virtual travel agent on common job platforms like:

Working from home in this field has some nice side effects. You can earn bonuses for certain travel services or related businesses. And if you like to travel yourself, you can make use of them and enjoy some special treats or discounts that are closed to the public.

7. Transcriptionist

Audio and video transcription is in high demand these days. And with the rise of audio-visual platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and the likes, this trend will probably prevail for quite a while. The MPAA has reported in 2018 that video streaming subscriptions have surpassed cable subscriptions globally.

You can make use of this trend by offering transcription services. According to ZipRecruiter, transcriptionists make over $59,000 per year on average. Jobs are available on freelance and microwork platforms many of which have already been mentioned in this article. Furthermore, check out Scribie, a platform that is specialized in providing services in the field of transcriptions.

8. Online tutoring

You’ve probably experienced it in your childhood, too: some kids are great at school while others seem to require a little more attention. Again, this provides you with a great opportunity for working from home. Therefore, take a look at the following websites and see if this might be something for you!

9. Teach a language from home

Although this technically falls under the umbrella of online tutoring, it doesn’t only address school kids. Thus, I’ve decided to give it its own place on this list. Besides, this category alone makes a huge percentage of the overall online teaching services.

With more and more people traveling the world, and the business world requiring speaking multiple languages as a standard in many fields these days, there’s a lot of demand for language teachers. Technology opens the door to do this job from home.

Especially the languages of countries like China that take a growing part of the global economic pie call for large-scale education. You can find related jobs on these websites (among many others):

10. Corporate language teacher

In addition to the previous work from home job opportunities, there’s another demand for language teaching with a different goal. Corporations need to be business-savvy in the languages of their business partners to ensure they are able to make good deals.

In order to work in this field, you would need to know the business terminologies of the language you’re about to teach. Although this seems to be a difficult qualification, it can be a pretty rewarding one for those who possess that skill.

Check out gofluent.com and Learnlight.

11. Work from home as a customer service representative

Do you like being on the phone, and are you good at dealing with difficult people? Then this job might be great for you. There’s no need anymore to sit in a cubicle inside a crowded call-center to perform this task. On the contrary, you can do this job in your comfortable home environment.

You usually find jobs in this field through staffing companies. Therefore, you should definitely check out the following companies if you feel this might be something for you:

Concentrix and VIPdesk might also hire you as an employee (in contrast to an independent contractor). Thus, you should check them out especially, if you are looking for benefits.

12. Work as a home-based telephone nurse

Registerednurse.org has reported in 2017 that the average income of a registered triage telephone nurse is $70,302. That sounds like a lot of money to me. As many jobs on this list, this one might well be a work from home job that could replace your day job pretty soon.

Although this field requires some very specialized qualifications, it might be worth investigating if you are a nurse looking to work from home. Check out the bottom of this website and find suitable programs.

13. Make money dog-sitting

A different form of work from home jobs is this opportunity, interesting especially for dog lovers. Modern life requires people to be more flexible with their time so they can make use of spontaneous opportunities. As a result, there are many people out there nowadays who need flexible solutions for their pets.

If you love dogs and feel that this might be something for you, check out Dogvacay.com and Rover.com where you can start your dog-sitting career.

14. Amazon remote jobs you can do from home

Amazon is a giant company that’s permanently working on implementing new products and services. Consequently, they need a huge army of employees to make the Amazon business empire work. Therefore, they hire new employees (both part-time and full-time) on a regular basis.

The company hires remote workers to perform all kinds of tasks, including technical support, customer service, data entry, and more immediate jobs like supply chain management. The salary depends on your position, qualifications and experience level. For more information, check out their Virtual Locations page.

Best Work From Home Jobs For A Freelance Approach

best work from home jobs for freelancers

Although you could pursue most of the above-mentioned jobs on a freelance basis as well, most people might prefer the employment options or finding independent contractor jobs on dedicated platforms.

The downside of this approach, though, is that there is a certain ceiling for your potential earnings on which you have very limited influence. Going the freelance lane will not remove this ceiling completely. Still, you can move your earning potential upwards quite a bit.

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Let’s find out more about some of the best work from home jobs for this more ambitious approach.

15. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing means you find great products or services and then recommend these to a group of potential customers that would benefit from these products and services. In a nutshell, this is what affiliate marketers do.

In reality, however, there’s a lot more to it. Although it’s not necessary from a technical perspective, by far the most affiliate marketers build a website for their business. There’s just so much more potential if you can make use of online marketing methods that require you to have a website or a blog.

There are far too many aspects to affiliate marketing to possibly cover everything in this article (much less in a few paragraphs). So I will only mention this home-based job opportunity here and refer you to more detailed articles if you are interested in exploring affiliate marketing more in-depth.

Just be informed that there are many people out there making millions a year with affiliate marketing. Of course, there are also a lot of people who don’t make any significant money in this field. As always, you need to know the rules and take the right steps to make it work.

|| If you want to dive deeper into this topic, read my Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide on Affiliate Marketing For Beginners.

16. Start your home-based business by building your own blog

start your own blog and make money online

You might have heard this a thousand times if you read articles like this one on a regular basis. Everybody is recommending to build your own blog in order to make big money from home. And the reason is that it simply works!

Moreover, having a blog opens up many potential streams of income at once. I have already mentioned the area of affiliate marketing above, which is a huge money driver for many blog owners. However, you can also make money from placing ads on your website. The more popular your blog is, the more money you will earn displaying ads.

There’s much more to it, like sponsored posts, direct advertising, offering services, or even creating and selling your own products. Yet, much like affiliate marketing, blogging is a huge field that has more to it than writing content.

|| Learn more about how to start a blog on SiteGround in my Step-by-Step guide for absolute beginners.

17. Build a Youtube channel

I’m sure you know Youtube. It’s the second most popular website in the world in 2019 (according to Lifewire). Furthermore, you might have heard about Youtubers. The term refers to people who have managed to build a Youtube channel and properly monetize it. There are all kinds of Youtubers, dealing with all kinds of areas from technology to cosmetics. And their income is just as diverse. However, some of them make a 5, 6 or even 7-figure income.

But how do you make money from a Youtube channel? Well, the exact science behind it is something for another article, but I want to give you a quick overview:

Youtube channels live from the number of viewers on their videos. Many viewers mean a high level of influence. And for companies, this, in turn, means a powerful exposure in front of their target audience. Placing or advertising products in videos is a form of generating a pretty solid income. For most serious Youtubers, this is the main revenue stream. It can be compared with sponsored posts in the blogging field, just that the revenue with Youtube is usually much higher with sponsored content.

Creating a commercial Youtube channel could be a real business for you, if you like being in front of the camera and consistently developing highly relatable content that your audience loves.

18. Become an influencer

Closely related to the Youtuber phenomenon is the new label of being an influencer. The term has risen together with Instagram, another one of the world’s current most popular platforms.

Influencers exist in many different areas, including travel, cosmetics, fashion, business, lifestyle and many more. The business model is similar to the Youtuber compensation model. You build a following, which is a valuable asset for potential business partners in your niche. Those partners will compensate you for exposing their products or services to your audience.

I want to add the fact that there are usually some decent side-effects in building a career as an influencer. Because this is a very subtle form of marketing, your partner brands will provide you with a lot of products and services for free.

If you are an influencer in the lifestyle or travel niche, this could mean free vacations on the Maldives so you will be able to convey your real experience when recommending a specific hotel to your audience. Pretty attractive, right?

19. Graphic design work from home jobs

Just like many companies hire graphic designers for their staff, many more companies prefer hiring graphic designers for specific jobs and short-term projects. So if you like photo editing and design software like Adobe inDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and the likes, you will enjoy this occupation a lot.

This is not exactly a new discipline, and there are already many freelance graphic designers out there. Still, it’s a good idea to check out if you can get a foot in the door and create your own lane. Because of the shift in focus and priorities that new technologies bring to the world, the demand for graphic design is growing.

Marketing campaigns stress the importance of visually captivating material to grab the attention of today’s fast-paced consumers. To get started, you might just build yourself a design portfolio on your own to have something to show, and then let people know about your new work.

To get an idea of what’s needed to play in this game, simply research what other graphic designers do. Check websites of both local and distant graphic designers by conducting a Google search. Also, check sites like Freelancer or Fiverr to do some more research and find your first gigs.

20. Web design

Building a freelance career in web design is similar to the graphic design approach. Websites are any company’s business cards, so they need to be constantly on the fence of implementing new trends. This is true for both the visual and technical aspects of web design.

With technology in web design changing so quickly, there’s ongoing demand for savvy experts. A web designer friend of mine once told me that every two years, the trend has changed so much that you will have to start all over if you ignored the development during that time period.

So if you like to build websites, or you would love to learn it (it doesn’t take ages!), you should give it a shot. Additionally, you can connect this freelance career with building your own blog. We’ve talked about the advantages of blogs before, and this could be a great combination because many skills overlap.

21. Software and app programming

This one is more for tech-lovers. With practically every part of modern life turning digital these days, people need software solutions. The transition has by far not reached the finish line yet. In fact, most international companies are in the process of searching for digital solutions right now.

There’s a lot to learn about this field, but just like any other freelance career, it can be done much quicker than any college education. And if you have already made your first steps in this area, whether as a hobby or a side job, you’re already in the best starting position to turn it into good income.

General expectations about work from home jobs

So what can you expect once you decide to enter a new field? Whether you want to go part-time or full-time, you need to understand what it takes. And it’s not really rocket science. In fact, it’s a lot easier than people make you think (because oftentimes, they want to keep you where you are).

Here’s what you need to do and have in order to be successful:

  1. The Desire to change your current state.

  2. Determination to make things work, even if it takes longer than expected.

  3. Solid preparation before jumping in head-first.

  4. The necessary skills needed to perform your chosen task.

  5. An ongoing willingness to learn and improve (this can NOT be dismissed, trust me as I’ve got over a decade of good and bad experiences in the freelance world.)

  6. Reliability and the willingness to always do more (=better) than people expect from you. You should certainly always do more than others are willing to do!

  7. The ambition to decide on your own how much money you want to make.

  8. The ability to constantly come up with fresh and creative ideas to keep your business growing. If you have that skill, you can make any work from home job replace your 9-to-5 permanently!


Learn how work from home jobs can be used to create financial independence. Start the Financial Freedom Bootcamp now.

Are you looking for work from home job ideas to replace your day job or make some extra money on the side? In this article, you will discover 21 of the best work from home jobs you can start immediately. Some of them require special skills while others allow you to make money fast and begin immediately. So if you\'re tired of your 9-to-5 job, get some ideas to make money from home in this article. #workfromhomejobs #makemoneyfromhome #makemoneyontheside

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I get a commission when you make a purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. Please refer to my full disclaimer for more info.

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