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How To Achieve Financial Freedom And How to not achieve it

How To NOT Achieve Financial Freedom – You Need To Hear The Truth!

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Everybody is talking about financial freedom nowadays. And so am I. The YourPassionPays Academy and everything on this website is dedicated to helping people create a more balanced and fulfilled life by becoming financially free. However, there’s some really BAD advice out there. I want to give you the TRUE perspective on how to achieve financial freedom. Pay attention because these might be the most important tips about financial freedom you will ever get!

The Great Misconception About How To Achieve Financial Freedom

There are people out there selling you an alternative reality. They sell courses that are advertised to show you the simple way to the beaches. Just push a button, install a software, and then you can fly to Ibiza and party for the rest of your life without lifting a finger.

I must admit that, at first glance, this idea looks pretty appealing. At least until you realize that you only feel alive when you have a real purpose. Not doing anything is certainly a great thing for a vacation, even for weeks or a few months. But after that, partying becomes dull, and you’ll ask yourself what you want to do with your life.

Don’t make the mistake to chase this fantasy, just because you hate your job or are having a rough time. There are ways to solve these issues for real. Don’t make your situation worse by trusting a skilled salesman who promises you the holy grail.

"I don't want to work. I want to enjoy my life."

Check out the following short video excerpt. This is the stuff I can hardly believe, even when I see it with my own eyes! The videos is from a talk by serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk.

Well, if you’re saying this, then let me tell you one thing: If working and enjoying life are two different things for you, then you are simply wasting your time in a draining occupation. Work can be incredibly fulfilling. I LOVE working, because I work on my dreams!

I understand that people might hate their jobs, but that doesn’t mean that work itself is a bad thing. In fact, there are only very few things that I enjoy as much as working on a passion project. It gives me a sense of direction and a purpose.

However, if you really are someone who honestly doesn’t want to work, I cannot help you. And neither can any other honest expert. I didn’t say this article would appeal to everyone, but it’s the simple truth! Some people don’t want to hear the truth because it means that they have to give up an idea that they’ve been holding for a long time.

If you REALLY want financial freedom, then here’s the TRUE perspective!

Financial Freedom Tips From The Real World

Ok, let’s assume you want to work on your financial freedom. If not, you may leave this website now, because nothing I write about will help you. Otherwise, I have a lot in store for you to actually help you make that dream a reality!

First of all: Financial Freedom is a situation where you don’t NEED to work to bring in enough money to support your lifestyle. However, it’s a journey to get there, not a simple switch on the wall. And with every step on that journey, you become a little more independent financially, and personally.

Let me tell you what I mean by that

On the journey to financial freedom, you will get to a point where you invest in assets (real estate, businesses, stocks, etc.) that create a passive income stream. At the beginning it might not be enough to fully cover your lifestyle. But you will already see the first effects. You will earn a little bit through your first investments.

That’s a start!

And from there, you invest in more assets, bringing in more passive income. Once you’ve built enough single streams of income, you will be financially free. Your life will start to change much earlier, however.

By the way, if you are interested in learning more about the exact steps you need to take in order to become financially free, check out the Financial Freedom Bootcamp! It’s a free email course that will help you understand how you can get started, no matter your current situation!

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How To Achieve Financial Freedom - What You Have To Expect

Back to the topic! What do you really have to expect if you want to become financially free? First of all, no special financial freedom tips will work any magic for you. It’s really all very basic and real-world stuff.

At one point or another, you will need money to invest in assets that generate passive income. Now, here’s the most important thing to understand for you:

Passive income is created through dedicated and active work in the beginning.

You simply need to create the situation in which you have enough money to invest in these assets. And you only get that money through serious work.

There ARE smart ways to approach this whole thing...

I would fail the purpose of this website if I wouldn’t do anything to show you how to achieve financial freedom in the smartest way possible. So, while you will probably have to grind for a very long time if you want to save up all the money through your day job, you could also take another route.

The fastest and most exciting way to make money independent from your job is by building your own business. That doesn’t mean you have to grow a big corporation. Anything that makes you money is a business. If you bake cakes and sell them to friends who want to throw a party, you have a business. And nowadays, there are countless reasons to start a business for yourself!

These days, the easiest way to build a business with relatively low startup costs is to start some kind of online business. Here are some examples of online business models:

  • Start a blog (make money from affiliate marketing, displaying ads, sponsored posts, etc.).
  • Start an online store.
  • Create and sell online courses.
  • Build a dropshipping business.
  • Offer a freelance service and work remotely with clients from all over the world. You could start this by using websites like freelancer.com or upwork.com

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The Most Important Of All Financial Freedom Tips

The money comes first. You need to grow your bank account to be able to invest at a scale that can really make you financially free. This is the true approach of how to achieve financial freedom.

Once you’ve built up your savings – or what I call your FREEDOM FUND – you can start investing in stocks, real estate or in further business projects. Still, growing your FREEDOM FUND is the first step.

How To Achieve Financial Freedom Tips On How To Work Towards Investing in assets

The good news is: You CAN actively work on becoming financially free

And you absolutely should! I believe that everybody can create a more balanced and fulfilled life by becoming financially free. And I want to give you some specific steps you can use to get started right now:

  1. Sign up to the Financial Freedom Bootcamp.
  2. Start saving money for your FREEDOM FUND.
  3. Increase your income by building a business with low startup costs on the side (like a blog, for example).

Before you haven’t done any of these things, you don’t even need to think about investing in real estate or on the stock market. But, if you do these things, you will get closer to your goal with every singe day.

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How To Achieve Financial Freedom, And How NOT To

So there it is, the hard truth on the whole passive income myth. Income will only be passive when you put a lot of work into the right things first. This requires some special knowledge you need to learn about the right investments. It also requires that you learn how to save enough money to invest in these assets.

Don’t be one of those people who run around and buy one scammy course after another. You’re only sold an idea that doesn’t exist in the real world. Invest in helpful courses that show you how to achieve financial freedom with real work, dedication and persistence. Then, you’re on the best way to build your financial empire, piece by piece.

Please let me know in the comment section what your thoughts and questions are. I’ll do my best to help you on your journey because I really believe the world will be a better place if more and more people can lift the financial pressure off their shoulders!

Everybody is talking about financial freedom and passive income these days. However, many of the popular suggestions are unhelpful at best and harmful at worst. If you want true financial success and achieve financial freedom, then you should absolutely go with real-world tips on financial freedom. This will ensure your financial health and help you create financial success in your life! #financialsuccess #personalfinance #financialfreedom #passiveincome

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I get a commission when you make a purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. Please refer to my full disclaimer for more info.

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